With F3O Concept we offer you turnkey solutions to support your offshore energy project. Developing designs, providing asset finance and long term charter solutions, F3O Concept is your go-to solution for offshore energy related vessels or assets.


Our F3O newbuilding service will enable you to find the right designer, shipyard and equipment provider in order to built your vessel to quality and price expectations. Tendering towards shipyards with your vessel project will be handled by your dedicated F3O Tender Manager.

A pre-selection of shipyards will ensure quality in received offers. By utilizing the F3O „Matrix“ service a KPI based evaluation will be provided in order to find best costs vs. quality offer.

Communication and clarification log handling are part of the service.

Your advantage:

·         Professional tender management

·         Comparable results

·         Higher quality of offers due to clarification log management

·         Access to market intelligence

·         Access to segment track record

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With F3O Concept we go beyond the regular newbuilding service. F3O Concept is constantly in touch with several ship-designers from the offshore market. Over the last years we have developed several vessel concepts in cooperation with them to either meet tender criteria or lead market developments.

Our strongest track record we have within the service operation vessel (SOV) segment of the offshore wind industry.

With F3O Concept we will be able to create in close cooperation with you a perfect vessel to fit the segment you wish to position yourself in. Through our network you will also get access to the equipment providers and latest technical development. This way we can guarantee that your vessel will be a leading example in regards of layout, logistic on board and in the field as well as being equipped with state of the art technology.

Your advantage:

·         Access to tender experience

·         Market intelligence

·         Third party input

·         Access to market leading  equipment providers, designersand shipyards

·         Access to fleet development strategy

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Make use of our F3O Strategy Tool in order to get yourself into the right position towards the market. Our F3O research team will guide you through a strategy development process to answer the key questions towards your market approach, will identify your weakness and your strength and will make a comparison towards the expected market development. A strategy for your company will be the result which you can execute in cooperation with other F3O services being rendered. Define your future together with our experienced team.

Your advantage:

·         Access to market intelligence

·         Independent project partner

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Tender Managment

Use the F3O Tender Tool for owners to get best results from participating in tenders. You will get professional support on various areas of the respective tender. Our dedicated broker will guide you throughout the tender process to ensure best offer result.

Extend your chartering department temporarily with our Tender Tool to increase performance without necessary long term commitment and enjoy a „no cure – no pay“ based service.

Your advantage:

·         Timeline & schedule tracking

·         Access to market intelligence (F3O Database)

·         Tender strategy development

·         Tender communication 

·         Clarification log management

·         Document management

·         Rate guidance

·         Access to „off-market“ information

·         Support during contract negotiations

·         Tender result follow up meeting