F3O was founded in 2009 in Oslo, Norway, and soon became a key service provider and consultant in the North Sea Energy Industry as well as adjacent segments. Today, F3O Offshore Services GmbH is the parent company to a few offices across the world: Hamburg (Germany), Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (China) and Malta (MLT).

F3O Offshore Services are actively developing their team and service profferings with the vision of expanding their global footprint and value added service. Our portfolio serves next to the offshore wind, as well as the oil & gas industry, subsea construction, marine construction and installation market as well as the newbuilding and S&P market for offshore supply vessels. F3O Offshore Services GmbH prides itself as a professional and principled broker and consultant service for all types of offshore supply vessels. 

F3O Offshore Services views Healthy Relationships and Mutual Trust a far greater win than any financial kind in the long run. For this reason F3O Offshore Services emerges well-connected with a sound reputation for Project Attitude.