F3O was founded in 2009 in Oslo, Norway, and soon became a key service provider and consultant in the North Sea energy industry and adjacent industries as the towing and transport segment. Today F3O consists of a diverse team of brokers, analysts, certified tow masters and back officers,  based across our offices in Hamburg (Germany), Dubai (UAE), Shanghai (China) and Malta (MLT).

The service areas F3O are active in have been growing together with the team and its respective skills and experience. Our portfolio serves next to the offshore wind, as well as the oil & gas industry, subsea construction, marine construction and installation market as well as the new building and S&P market for offshore supply vessels. F3O is a professional broker and consultant servicec for all types of offshore supply vessels and does have a strong and diverse team being able to add a value to our client’s business.

F3O will be at your side from definition of your needs to the execution of the project.